Body Butters

Natural Yogi Body Butters are made entirely from natural waxes (including beeswax) and cold-pressed plant oils, drawing also on selected, powerfully-healing plant extracts.

Rich on application, they are soon absorbed. But what is really remarkable about these body butters is that, unlike many creams where soon after you have applied them you find your skin hungering for more, Natural Yogi Body Butters leave your skin feeling deeply satisfied and luxurious – for even hours afterwards.

The beeswax offers a protective layer that also seals moisture and the oils, without blocking your pores. Beeswax, along with the softening and soothing Shea butter, is rich in collagen-boosting vitamin A. Read more under Qualities of ingredients.

The butters come in 5 variations. As with other Natural Yogi products, they also come in refill packs, allowing you that wonderful experience of re-using your existing cosmetic containers and saving the world that extra bit of plastic.



Chamomile and Calendula Body Butter

This is one of Natural Yogi’s most exquisite products, made from a rich infusion of  Calendula flowers through the oils.

Calendula is an age-old skin-healing remedy, known  for its soothing and anti-viral properties. This, in combination with the well-known soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile and Shea Butter, makes a powerfully gentle combination that can also be used for any kind of skin irritation or rash. Calendula is also the traditional go-to herb for the delicate skin of babies and the elderly. Bringing blood flow to below the surface of the skin it has a wonderful anti-aging and softening effect for any skin, making it a luxurious, soothing and deeply moisturizing body butter for all.



Frankincense Body Butter

Frankincense has been prized for 1000s of years for its spiritually-uplifting, anti-bacterial, healing and anti-aging qualities. You can read more about this – and also the way that it has found itself at the epicenter of natural cancer remedies – under Qualities of ingredients.

Amongst its anti-aging benefits it is understood to tonify/lift the skin and also smooth out uneven skin tone. This body butter offers a powerful infusion of the essential oil as well as the resin s0 as to extract the boswellic acid which is know for its anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat arthritis. The result is a  melt-on-your skin body butter with a fragrance that is light, crisp and woody, a perfect not-too-feminine alternative. A beautiful way of taking a dose of this powerful natural substance through your skin.


Frankincense and Julip Body Butter

To the Frankincense base, this body butter is enhanced with Julip, Natural Yogi’s distinctive combination of essential oils. The result is a full-bodied fragrance that is sensual and elusive, yet grounded and here. It is neither masculine nor feminine, fitting for both. What is sure is that it makes using your body butter an unforgettable sensual ceremony.