Breast & Chest Massage Oil


Did you know that studies indicate that breast massage is likely to reduce your risk of breast cancer? See


This makes sense if you think that cancer thrives where toxins accumulate.

With the discovery that certain plant extracts and essential oils have  powerful tumor-reducing, lymphatic-stimulating and hormone-balancing qualities, this gorgeous-smelling oil was inspired by the idea of the ritual of a regular chest and breast massage – to stimulate flow and elimination within the breast tissue. (Below we outline some for chest and breast massage guidelines.)


What is moreover powerful about this oil is its relaxing and uplifting, breath-opening effect, which you will instantly feel. Some people refer to it as the heart-opening oil. And being a Chest and Breast Massage Oil – it is not just for women. Our chests are where we hold the tension of anxiety – which often we are not even aware of. Regular massage of this area allows us to become more aware of this tension, release it and become light and open to the world again.

Natural Yogi Chest and Breast Massage Oil contains powerful extracts of, in particular, Frankincense as well as the essential oils of Geranium, Grapefruit, Thyme and Chamomile.


Frankincense essential oil  qualities of ingredients(see more under) has powerful anti-inflammatory, anxiety-busting and mood-lifting qualities. It opens the breath and is effectively used for asthma. There is also a lot of research and excitement around Frankincense’s anti-cancer – or tumour-reducing – qualities. These in specific relate to Boswellic Acid, a compound of Frankincense found in the resin. Natural Yogi Chest and Breast Massage Oil includes not only the essential oil of Frankincense but also an infusion of the resin.


Grapefruit essential oil adds its lymphatic-stimulating qualities, stimulating the detoxifying effect of the lymph in our breast tissue and reducing water retention levels. Along with the Frankincense it has a notable uplifting effect on our mood.


Geranium oil adds its wonderful hormone-balancing, calming and beautifying qualities. This beautifully feminine oil is effectively used to soothe PMS and Menopausal symptoms, releasing also excess water retention. Along with Frankincense it is famed for its skin healing and anti-aging qualities. It encourages blood flow below the surface of the skin and has astringent and tonic effects, tightening the skin to reduce wrinkles and increasing muscle tone – all of this along with a wonderfully soothing and uplifting effect on our psyches.


Thyme and Chamomile essential oils have both been found (in-vitro) to be highly effective in selectively inhibiting and killing breast cancer cells.

You simply have to experience the mood-enhancing, all-opening, slightly tingly and enlivening experience of this oil. All in all, we think Natural Yogi Breast and Chest Massage Oil is a simply great product. We highly recommend it.


Instructional videos and resources around breast and chest massage

Give theses a try, they are simply guidelines. In the end you will come up with your own routine that works for you.

This link by the Breast Health Project points to a lovely video on how to do a lymphatic drainage breast massage

A Huffington Post article on scientific evidence to confirm that breast massage contributes to cancer prevention

A beautiful demonstration of the Taoist technique of breast massage by Jutta Kellenberger

Another lovely video on lymphatic drainage breast massage by Psychetruth

Depending on how much time you have, after doing your breast massage, work with little circular movements into your chest area, into any areas that are sensitive. You can work your fingers even under your ribs into the attachments of your diaphragm. At the centre of the chest is your thymus gland, an important gland for our immunity. Many techniques recommend thumping it to increase our life energy and vitality.

Now enjoy!


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